At West India, we firmly believe that a person works hard so that they can eat well. We also believe that eating well should not cost you a bomb or drain your energy. Therefore, we bring for you, a range of delectable food products. Our food products are flavourful but preservative free. We currently sell ready-to-cook curry pastes (or masala premix or spice mix) under the brand name “Apothecurry”. These will help you out when you want to cook but without the hassle of chopping and grinding tomatoes, onions, ginger, garlic etc. Apart from these, we will soon be adding interesting food products to our list.


Apothecurry is our brand of ready-to-cook curry pastes (or masala premix or spice mix). Cooking becomes extremely easy with the help of these aromatic, flavoursome pastes. You can cook in 3 easy steps- Add veggies/meat of your choice to the paste, add water and/or milk and cook for 15-20 minutes! No chopping, no grinding- save your time for your favourite OTT show!

Apothecurry is an amalgamation of two words, apothecary and curry. Apothecaries were ancient institutions that would dispense medicines to people. Unlike today’s pharmacies, apothecaries would not only sell medicines but prepare them in small batches. Similar to an apothecary, our curry pastes are freshly made in small batches. Owing to the smaller batches, attention to quality is unmatched. These curry pastes are medicines for your soul- the flavoursome pastes with their aromatic spices not only take care of your hungry tummies; they instantly uplift your mood.

  • Jai Kumar

    "These fragrant pastes have made my life easy- Delicious meals for house parties can be easily managed in 15-20 minutes!”

  • Manisha Sarkar

    “I don’t need to spend festivals in the kitchen anymore. Delicious food is ready in minutes and without the hassle of chopping onions and tomatoes. The pastes have a rich aroma- I am in love with them!”

  • Medhansh Shinde

    “I have never been a pro at cooking. But being a student who stays away from home, I cannot afford to frequently eat out either. Therefore, these pastes are a huge blessing. I can cook different dishes in 15-20 minutes, and it is exceptionally easy! I am glad I found Apothecurry!”

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