Hi! We are Shivani Chavan and Vijayendra Chavan, siblings that adore food! Most Indian families teach their children, insaan khane ke liye nahi jeeta, balki jeene ke liye khata hai (We don’t live to eat but we eat so that we can live). But we were raised in a family that says, “One should eat well. Don’t we work hard, run around and try to make a living so that we can eat well.” Love for food, the flavours and the aroma were ingrained in us right from the beginning. One would think that opening a restaurant would be an obvious choice in that case. Umm, it seemed so but a restaurant would not allow us to take all the spices and all the aroma to people across the globe! We were wondering how we could make it possible to send our flavourful food to any person across the globe! That is when we decided to make curry pastes. They contain everything (spice mix, onion, tomato etc) that you would need to prepare a sabzi- no cutting or grinding. All you need to do is add veggies/meat of your choice! Now I am sure you are thinking that they contain preservatives. Ta-dah! They don’t. Our brand of curry pastes, apothecurry, is just the beginning of our culinary journey. East India company ruled India for a very long time. With its authentic and delectable food, West India spice Co is poised to rule the hearts of Indians for ages to come!

Shivani Chavan

Shivani studied electronics engineering from Cummins Pune and has post graduate diploma in business design from Welingkar. After working with some reputed organisations for 9 years, she decided to take the plunge and become an entrepreneur. Not unlike her brother, she also loves good food and good books!

Vijayendra Chavan

Vijayendra has studied global BBA from SP Jain School of Global Management. He started working with his father and sister right after graduation. Good Food, good drinks and good books are the love of his life.


Jayendra Chavan, our father, is our guiding force. A small-town person of humble origins, he did not let his constraints define him. He is a serial entrepreneur who loves working on new ideas even in his 60s!